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Provide feasibility analyses to identify design criteria and support to funding programs and more. Our goal is to develop a foundation for successful designs, budgets, and operations.


OLA provides leadership to create solutions for our clients. We foster teamwork between clients, stake-holders, design engineers, environmental specialists, system operators, equipment suppliers, and the community. We participate in local collaboration to support design solutions appropriate for the community. Solutions will respond to environmental issues, financial realities, quality standards, and the need for lower operations and maintenance costs. We prepare construction drawings, specifications, cost estimate budgets, assist the client to select low cost contractors, and help gain project regulatory approvals. We have experience in special coatings, special linings, and system modeling.

Construction Management:

OLA organizes the team of clients, inspectors, construction professionals, and regulatory agencies for successful and timely completion of projects. We provide clear and orderly start-up procedures, and training for operation of new plant equipment.

Operations Management:

OLA will develop the documentation for training staff, operations, and maintenance personnel who will manage and operate the facility or project facilities.

Trench Technology:

Our team has experience in Municipal projects which include pipe bursting, trenchless technologies, conventional piping, cement grouting of pipes and laterals, to achieve maximum infiltration inflow reduction.

Special Studies:

OLA can prepared Special Studies that address the needs of the client and project such as:

      • Rate Studies
      • Operating Budgets
      • Staffing Programs
      • Maintenance Programs
      • Aerobic Digestion Studies for Heat or Gas Production
      • Assessment District Formation
      • Financing Programs
      • Business Plans
      • Programs to reduce Algae, Nitrates, Odor, and other Non-Compliant Constituents, to improve the System Operation

For Additional Information:

Contact us to help you create cost effective, and timely project solutions. For more information, or to talk about a specific project, call OLA at 800.660.2043 or email to