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OLA assists clients who build along bays, rivers and the ocean. We can provide:

Project Experience:

        • 350 Berth Woodley Island Marina
        • Boat Building and Repair Facility for a 150 ton Mobile Boat Hoist
        • Dock and Shoreside Structures
        • River Access Boat Ramps with Parking and Visitor Services
        • Sewer and Drainage Outfalls
        • Coastal Boat Ramps, Parking, Visitor Services
        • Industrial Outfalls
        • Bank Stabilization Projects
        • Coastal and Roadway Facility Erosion Control Projects
        • Aquaculture Project Studies and/or Designs for:
          • Abalone Production Plants
          • Tilapia Production Plants
          • Fish Canning Facilities
          • Fish Rearing Pumping Systems
        • We can also do Special Studies:
          • Dredging Programs
          • Hydrographic Studies
          • Sampling and Testing Programs
          • Environmental Special Studies
          • Financing Plans
          • Mitigation Programs
From design of an ocean-exposed concrete boat launch, to design of award-winning recreational facilities in fragile coastal locations, to construction management of marinas and ocean-exposed facilities to docks, OLA has engineered projects that meet public demands, owner needs, and Coastal Act requirements.  OLA's Environmental Division, and engineers have been leaders in the design of coastal mitigation plans to offset the loss of habitats due to project development.

For Additional Information:

Contact us to help you create cost effective, and timely project solutions. For more information, or to talk about a specific project, call OLA at 800.660.2043 or email to larson@olarson.com