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Commercial & Industrial Site Development:

We can do:

We offer experience in the following types of development:

        • Office Complexes
        • Residential Housing Developments including:
          • Single and Multi-Family
        • Shopping Centers and Malls
        • Storage Complexes
        • Free Standing Buildings
        • Commercial Facilities and Sites
        • Industrial and Business Park Sites
        • Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Medical Offices
        • U.S. Military Bases
        • Shopping Centers
        • Restaurants
        • Athletic Facilities
        • Metal Buildings
        • Educational Facilities
        • Medical Facilities including:
          • Laboratories
          • Dentist Offices
          • Medical Offices
        • Food Process Facilities including:
          • Cheese Production
          • Vegetable Processing
          • Fish Canning
          • Waste Management

For Additional Information:

Contact us to help you create cost effective, and timely project solutions. For more information, or to talk about a specific project, call OLA at 800.660.2043 or email to